Welcome to TooBasic


What is TooBasic?

TooBasic is a PHP framework that provides you with many features you don't want to worry about like cache, database connection, views and controllers, etc.

What can I do with it?

TooBasic provides some sort of solution to features like:

Where do I start?

I guess the most simple answer for this question is to point you to our main documentation page.

You may use the menu on the top-right corner of this page and choosing Main Document or just click this link.

Ok, I like it, but how do I disable this page?!

There are at least 4 ways to disable this page and I'll try to explain them.

The aggressive one:

Go to the directory ROOTDIR/modules and remove the folder called starterdoc. Harsh, but effective.

Not so aggressive:

One way in which you won't lose any file is to rename starterdoc to _starterdoc or even .starterdoc (with a dot at the begining).

The polite one:

Go to the directory ROOTDIR/modules/starterdoc and create a file called .inactive. This doesn't require file removal or renaming and has the same effect.

The useful one:

If you like this page and the way it shows document pages, and you want to keep it available in your page, you can add something like this in your site's configuration file at ROOTDIR/site/config.php:


In some cases this may not completely work, but let's not think about that :)

About us?

Visit this project at GitHub following this link.