# TooBasic: Quick Forms (for Forms Builder) ## What is Quick Forms? _Quick Forms_ is a _sys-tool_ named `qforms` that allows you to define a basic _Forms Builder_ specification file with only one command. If you just need a form with some fields and buttons, but no special behaviors for each mode, this command will let you do that. And, in case you need it, you can always use _sys-tool_ `forms` to make further modifications. ## Example Let's say you want to build a login form with this features: * An input to place write the username. * An input to right a password. * A green button to send the information. * A blue button to create a new user. * This information should be sent to `?service=login` via `POST`. ## Creating a form Based on our example, let's run this command: ```txt $ php shell.php sys qforms create login -f username:input -f password:password -b sign_in:submit -b sign_up:button -a '?service=login' -m post -t bootstrap ``` Now put something like this in a view and you'll get something like the next image: ```html {$ctrl->formFor('login')} ``` ![Basic login form](images/forms/login_plain.png) __Note__: Remember that you'll need to define those translation keys in order to get proper texts. ## Colored buttons As we said before, you can use the _sys-tool_ `forms` to adjust those thing you didn't get right by a quick creation, so, let's change our buttons colors: ```txt $ php shell.php sys forms -f login -sba sign_in -n class -v 'btn-success' $ php shell.php sys forms -f login -sba sign_up -n class -v 'btn-info' ``` That should change your form into something like this: ![Colored login form](images/forms/login_colored.png) Now your buttons have the colors we wanted. ## Removing You can also remove you specification running something like this: ```txt $ php shell.php sys qforms remove login ``` ## Twiks If you are using forms with type `bootstrap`, you can add the parameters `--bootstrap-extras` with this value to obtain some automatic tricks: * `thin`: All inputs get the class `input-sm` and buttons get `btn-sm`. * `bcolors`: All submit buttons get the class `btn-submit` and the rest get `btn-default`. ## Suggestions If you want or need it, you may visit these documentation pages: * [Forms Builder](forms.md) * [Forms Specifications](tech/forms.md) * [Languages](language.md) <!--:GBSUMMARY:Forms:2:Quick Forms:-->
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