# TooBasic: Skins ## What are skins for __TooBasic__? Throughout many frameworks, _skins_, also called _themes_ are an important topic because it provides a way to change and enhance the look and feel of a site, even in some cases provides the flexibility for users to choose the way they want to see your site. Let's have an example of this, if you visit [Bootswatch.com](http://bootswatch.com/), you'll find a site that provide several styles for [Bootstrap](http://getbootstrap.com/) based pages and it only depends on which CSS file it uses. This is a simple example of the power of changing a stylesheet on your site. But the idea of _skins_ doesn't stop there, it may also include changes in the structure of your HTML templates. For this reason, __TooBasic__ provides the mechanism we're going to explain below. ## How to create a skin Creating a skin for your site is almost as simple as creating a folder. The first thing you have to do is to create a folder at __ROOTDIR/site/skins__ and call it with the name for your skin, let's say __myskin__. Inside it, you can create a structure similar to this: ```text myskin/ myskin/images/ myskin/scripts/ myskin/snippets/ myskin/styles/ myskin/templates/ myskin/templates/action/ ``` You can also create this same structure inside a module, for example inside __ROOTDIR/modules/mymodule/skins/myskin__ (if your module is called __mymodule__), and it will be considered when __myskin__ skin is active. If you're wondering, you don't need to create all those folders, only those you need. ## Different style Let's say your site looks good either with light or dark colors and you are thinking about using that as skins. Let's also say that the structure may be the same, but the stylesheet to use has to change entirely between skins. To achieve this, we propose this structure: ```text ROOTDIR/site/styles/mystyle.css ROOTDIR/site/skins/myskin/styles/mystyle.css ``` First one for your light colored and default skin, and the second for the dark one. Also ensure that your CSS inclusion looks like this allowing __TooBasic__ to paste the right URI: ```html <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$ctrl->css('mystyle')}"/> ``` Following this idea, you can create templates, JavaScript scripts, images, snippets, etc. with different contents in your skins. Even modules can specify the way they want to be seen under certain skins. ## How to activate a skin We've been talking about creating a skin, but we haven't said how to see it working, in other way, activating it. Well, there are three way in which a skin can be seen: ### URL specified There's a debug URL parameter you can add to you URL call `skin` that will force your page to consider the specified skin when rendering your page. For example: >http://www.example.com/?action=someaction&skin=myskin This mechanism has the highest priority when choosing a current skin. ### By configuration If you decide to configure a specific skin for your site, you can achieve this by specifying it this way in your site's configuration file: ```php <?php $Defaults[GC_DEFAULTS_SKIN] = 'myskin'; ``` This mechanism has the lowest priority when choosing a current skin. ### By session As we said before, you may want to give your users the flexibility of choosing the skin they want. For that, __TooBasic__ provides a way to set a session value and get from it the current skin. In other words, if you do this somewhere in your site's code: ```php <?php . . . \TooBasic\setSessionSkin('myskin'); . . . ``` You'll be setting the current skin to be _myskin_. __Note__: If you use no parameters on this function, it will remove the session setting and use the default skin, in other words, no skin. ## Debugging If you are not sure which skin is being used, just add to your URL the debug parameter called `debugskin` and it will prompt the current skin and some other values you may need. >http://www.example.com/?action=someaction&debugskin ## Multiple sites If you're using more than one __TooBasic__ site in your PHP server, and we thank you for that ^o^ , you may run into some issues when selecting a skin on one those sites. This may happen because the session data depends on the connection and not on the page being requested. To avoid these collisions you may set a specific suffix for the value store in your session that is different for each __TooBasic__ site. To do so, you must add something like this in your site's configuration file: ```php <?php $Defaults[GC_DEFAULTS_SKIN_SESSIONSUFFIX] = 'site1'; ``` ## Suggestions If you want or need, you may visit these documentation pages: * [Layouts](layout.md) * [Controller Exports](controllerexports.md) * [Snippets](snippets.md) <!--:GBSUMMARY:MVC:6:Skins:-->
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